How We Train

Barbell clubs eat, laugh, chat, tattoo, train, drink, and play together; we'd like to honor this tradition in the East Side of Atlanta.

We believe training is a form of meditation, a practice of humility and grounding. To paraphrase Henry Rollins, 91kg is constantly 91kg. This never changes. As a lifter, you are singularly at battle with your best self, unable to alter the constant adversary, which is gravity.

We believe that this is an ideal environment for safety from the world, for education and discussion, and for development of camaraderie in our communities.

East Atlanta Village Barbell Club is outfitted for Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting enthusiasts. We offer a full selection of Olympic weightlifting equipment, including 4 stand-alone training platforms, jerk boxes, pulling blocks, bumpers, and olympic bars (1 of each weight in Eleiko, Werksan, DHS and York). Our powerlifting equipment consists of a power cage, deadlift platform, iron plates, and several specialty bars. We also have basic accessory equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes, slam balls, pull up bars, dip stations, sled & prowler work. Our equipment offerings will evolve with our club members, and we will regularly acquire new toys.

If you desire more than just a space to train, we also offer instruction for beginners, private coaching, custom programming and nutrition consulting. For details, contact