Personal Nutrition Consulting: $50/Month

We offer nutrition consulting for members and others. We'd like to help you to look and perform at your life and your sport(s) at top capacity, like really, that's all. We'll set you free after that. We'd also like you to eat what you want to, because that's what we do, so long as we are intelligent, and remember that from a performance and health perspective, food is simply fuel, and we must treat it as such, never over or underfilling the tank.

{We don't believe in abstinence-only education.}

Personal Nutrition Consulting:  

We advocate a mindful, nutrient-dense flexible dieting approach. Eat what you want, keep your body going, don't needlessly burn muscle or gain fat you don't want. For anyone interested, we will do an initial consult, during which we will discuss your background, sport(s)/lack thereof, goals, comforts/discomforts, and draft a plan for you. For a total newb, we might simply prescribe a calorie goal or habit adjustment, all the way up to macro-timing for advanced athletes. We will then provide:

-macronutrient breakdowns on a weekly basis/alternate plans as appropriate

-general & individualized supplements recommendations

-recovery recommendations related to diet, sleep and dark Soviet secrets

-A spreadsheet/journal, with weekly check-ins with you weekly and we will respond to other questions through the week

-adjustments to your plan, as your body responds and goals change, or transition from losing bodyfat/gaining muscle/gaining or losing weight outright. (We will also provide a forum for nutrition clients to share tips and recipes, once our ranks grow to a point which warrants it)

weekly macros only: You're familiar with counting/tracking food and/or flexible dieting, and ya just want some numbers suited to you. You tell us your goals and stats, we provide the macros.

You may use these services for as long or as short as you'd like. We're simply conveying knowledge we have, as if teaching a language. Once you get what you need, more power to you.

No matter how hard you train, performance will ultimately be dictated to a great extent by how you eat, and what you see in the mirror, regardless of what you'd like that to be, almost completely depends on it. 

Eating is blissful, and eating is daunting, harrowing, anxiety-inducing, all of that, but we often overcomplicate it by shooting for the newest incarnation of the diet Holy Grail, the cleanse, or the "superfood," and we tend to adopt oddly shame-based relationships with food(s).

We have worked as nutrition consultants at our previous gyms, and as multi-sport athletes and coaches, have been lab rats for years. We're not Certified Nutritionists (we have to say that, and are glad to); we're humans who've been through the gauntlet, on the PT table, weighing and mixing and foraging, and we've developed very simple filters for bullshit and snake oil, while seeing what works, on the other end. With flexible dieting/nutrition, we have found the most efficient means to hit goals. We can help you out with this stuff, basically.

We're not reinventing the wheel, we're sharing knowledge and taking the time you don't have.

Again, we advocate a flexible dieting approach, with varying options of food-tracking, based on an individual's goals and preferences. We believe that this model can be molded to adjust to anyone's personal choices, be they vegetarian, cavemanly, party-friendly, biblical, or peanut butter (like jim). We stress calories and macronutrients first and foremost, followed by micronutrients/food quality, followed by supplementation. And yeah, you can drink. Or not.

To sign-up/find out more, contact: Better to just talk to us, right?