East Atlanta Barbell Club is a new, well-equipped barbell club, focused on teaching barbell training. We welcome a range of athletes from beginners to building competition teams in (Olympic) Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman/Woman, plus general strength training. We are a safe, welcoming, inclusive, alternative and affordable environment. We will offer monthly memberships at a reasonable rate, as well as custom programming, nutrition consulting, and private coaching for those interested.

We are a radically aligned, leftist-friendly gym and community. We require no one to agree with any set of politics, but if you are hostile to the fringe, you ought to look elsewhere.

After making regular trips to Marietta & Buford to train, we wanted ITP folks to have more options to train with all the needed equipment, without making a 40-minute commute. Further, we wanted to foster an environment in which our sports might grow, and through which new people could be exposed, without the limitations of a standard gym, or a CrossFit box. 

In that vein, we wanted to create a gym that wouldn't be prohibitive due to cost, or overly aggressive, exclusionary jock culture. We want elite athletes and total newbs, anyone looking to pick up a bar. Meatheads welcome, too, so long as tolerance abounds. 

With all of this in mind, we could think of nowhere more fitting than the ever-quirky East Atlanta Village, not far from our respective homes.

Further, we are transitioning our business model to a collective worker-owned business, the first of its type that we know of. We are a radically-aligned space, and we open our doors to various local grassroots organizations doing radical political work.

We're so excited to make this a reality, and to build a new community in East Atlanta with all of you!

We are: 

Jim Chambers: miscreant and weightlifting nerd. Jim discovered weightlifting while living in Russia, and went on to run & manage 3 gyms in NY & ATL, where he worked as a coach and nutrition consultant. Immediately prior to EAV Barbell, Jim trained and coached athletes at Coffee's Gym in Marietta. In other worlds, Jim is a writer, and a leftist community organizer, and owns Henry & June in VaHi with his wife Camryn. He competes quite humbly as a men's senior 69kg lifter, but mostly loves the sport, and loves teaching.

Robert Hall: Rob has been Jim's coach since 2015, and comes to us from Savannah, GA, where he has been a member of Team Savannah Weightlifting for 17 years. His list of accomplishments include: Junior National Champion 2003, '04 and '05, University National Champion 2003, '04, U-23 National Champion 2005, American Open Champion 2010. Rob lives and breathes lifting, and moves fast as hell.

Andre Modeste: Andre is one of Jim's childhood friends from Brooklyn, and came into weightlifting this year for the first time. Since then, Dre has become an integral member of the community, and intends to get certified as a trainer this year. In the meantime, Dre is in charge of admin and maintenance at the club.

Again, our business is in the process of becoming collectively owned by its workers.

We want to be clear: these are sports which require a certain level of commitment, and aren't for everyone. We want to work with people who love lifting, or want to know it; we don't want to sell you snake oil in a barbell. It's gotta be your thing. And it should be, really.